Disabled Student Unit
Services and amenities

Hacettepe University Disabled Student Unit meets with units such as Student Affairs, Health Sports Culture Department, Unit Advisor, Department Head to solve the problems determined according to the results of the interviews and evaluations made with the students who have special needs (ÇÖZGER/ESKR/notifying the situation with a health board report) and registered by applying to our Unit

Ensuring accessibility to educational materials and exams: It provides information to the disabled student advisors working in the Faculties and the Relevant Department Heads, including suggestions for adaptations needed by the student in their courses (presentation of course materials in alternative formats, changes in exams, transportation, etc.).

Accessibility: Inter-campus transportation support is provided for our students with visual and mobility disabilities to participate in exams and events. Working together with the University Administration, it participates in the removal of architectural obstacles for all disability groups.

UNI-101 Introduction to University Life Course: Hacettepe University Disabled Student Unit informs newly registered disabled students about the opportunities (academic, administrative, physical, psychological, social and accommodation) offered by our university to disabled students in their first year to support their adaptation to university life. Provides peer support during UNI- 101 Introduction to University Life Course.

Counseling Service to Departments with Disabled Students: It provides consultancy services to the Departments and Student Communities and informs them about the course, exam and social activity adaptations that the student needs and needs to be made. Works with students to encourage students with disabilities to participate in student community activities.

Awareness-Raising Education Services: Provides seminars and trainings to increase awareness and sensitivity of university staff and students in the field of disability, and organizes activities to increase awareness and e-student integration.

Research and Evaluation Services: It includes determining the needs of disabled students, monitoring and evaluating the implementations. Training and monitoring studies are carried out to increase career choice and business success for students who wish to do so.


Part-time student support: Support is provided to students whose applications for studying are received (priority is that they are students studying in the same department) and who want to work in the Disabled Student Unit.