Disabled Student Unit
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T.R. Ministry of Health: //www.saglik.gov.tr

Physically Disabled Foundation : //www.fev.org.tr

Six Dots Association for the Blind: //www.altinokta.org.tr

Higher Education Council Disabled Students Commission: https://engelsiz.yok.gov.tr

Turkish Federation of the Blind: //www.korlerfederasyon.org.tr

Disabled Association of Turkey: //www.tsd.org.tr

Spinal Cord Paralysis Association of Turkey: https://www.tofd.org.tr/

Association for Solidarity with the Physically Disabled: //www.tbesf.org.tr/

Disabled Sports Aid and Education Foundation of Turkey: https://tesyev.org/tr/homepage

Hearing Impaired Sports Federation: //tiesf.gov.tr/

Foreign Links

American Association of People with Disabilities: //www.aapd.com/

Institute on Independent Living: //www.independentliving.org

Disabled Peoples’ International: //www.dpi.org

Rehabilitation International: //www.riglobal.org

World Federation of the Deaf: //www.wfdeaf.org

World Institute on Disability: //www.wid.org

Irish Higher Education Access Authority: //www.ahead.ie