Disabled Student Unit
Our principles

Confidentiality: Hacettepe University Disabled Students Unit does not share the identity and status of the student who reports that he/she is disabled with other people and institutions without his/her permission.

Volunteering: Hacettepe University Disabled Students Unit creates opportunities for students to report their disabilities, but it is essential that students volunteer to apply to the Unit and receive services.

Respect: The Accessible Hacettepe Unit provides services by respecting the individual differences of students with disabilities, considering that the needs and competencies of individuals may differ. Considers suggestions and criticisms from students with disabilities.

Teamwork: Hacettepe University Disabled Students Unit works together with the relevant persons and units to produce facilitating learning and assessment solutions according to the individual situation of the students in the academic life processes of the students.

Accessibility: Hacettepe University Disabled Student Unit works with all other relevant units of the university to ensure that students with disabilities have access to all areas of the university.

Responsibility: Hacettepe University Disabled Students Unit is responsible for providing services to ensure the full participation of disabled students in university life and to increase their academic success, besides, the student who applies to the Unit has individual responsibility in the operation of the process.