Disabled Student Unit
Purpose and tasks

To take the necessary measures and make arrangements in order to facilitate the education life and social participation of the disabled students studying at our university.



a) To raise awareness for disabled students, academic and administrative staff, to provide consultancy services, and to provide in-service training when necessary.

b) To develop programs and projects for the functional capacity and social participation of disabled students in production, self-care and leisure activities.

c) To meet the needs of students with disabilities while they continue their education, to identify the obstacles they may encounter and the measures to be taken against them, to offer solutions and make the necessary arrangements.

d) To ensure the arrangement of the educational environment in which students with disabilities attend, to provide equipment for the disabled, to prepare special course materials, to prepare suitable education, research and accommodation environments for the disabled.

e) To make publications on the subject, to organize seminars, conferences and similar activities.

f) To prepare and carry out the work program of the unit, to prepare the annual budget draft and annual activity report and present it to the vice-rector.

g) To create a website that includes publications, documents and information on the subjects falling within the scope of the task and activity of the disabled student unit, enabling disabled students studying at universities to bring their problems and wishes, and enabling communication with the relevant unit.

h) To supervise the implementation of the decisions taken and the strategies determined.

ı) To work towards the free supply of assistive equipment for disabled students who have financial difficulties.

i) To take the decision to include the relevant courses and training programs in the undergraduate programs of higher education institutions and to ensure their implementation.

j) To ensure that all students are measured and evaluated fairly and accurately, to ensure equal opportunities and to make the education process meaningful for students with disabilities; To take the necessary measures and make arrangements according to the differences arising from the time, place, material, companion and nature of the disability of the disabled student.

k) To prepare/ have them prepared informative books that inform about employment opportunities and professions and ensure that these are delivered to students with disabilities.

l) To prepare a report on the higher education programs where disabled students can study before the Student Selection Exam applications, to be notified to the Student Selection and Placement Center Presidency.

m) To carry out necessary studies for disabled students to benefit from Erasmus / Socrates programs.